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Tuesday Club

by Rich Gill on July 29, 2022
It’s Sunday evening and the inevitable message pings up on WhatsApp from Daz to the ever-growing group, informing us all of the forthcoming Tuesday route. Always a Tuesday, always 10km and a simple 👍 or 👎 suffices for a reply. Where will it be this week? The anticipation…

Tuesday Club didn’t officially become an affiliated club until Jan 2021 and the only reason it did was due to us being able to conform to the Covid19 rule of not being able to mix unless we were outside within a club setting. Looking back at these very strange times, Tuesday Club certainly helped us all to maintain some sort of sanity and allow us to look forward to meeting up and running together, socialise and break away from the four walls at home. We actually had our first t-shirts printed back then with the slogan on the back, “Socially Distanced Running Club”. Mad really.

Tuesday club all started when friends Daz and Woody started meeting up to run, and generally, it was on a Tuesday. Word got around a few other friends and it all started to grow. When I say ‘grow’ I use the term loosely, we now have around 20 runners in the group, which is amazing. All of whom are great people, male and female, varied in abilities but all having a common reason to turn up, for the love of running, the togetherness and unity Tuesday Club is providing.

We are lucky to live where we live, in the heart of England, on the edge of Sheffield where trails are in abundance, hills roll into each other and the never ending reservoirs cascade within the valleys which provides dramatic scenes. We go steady, we encourage, and we feel a sense of togetherness.

Feel alive.