Motivation's Many Face's

by Johnny Hesnan on April 23, 2024

Sitting and writing this feels strange...motivation is definitely something very personal, I love how we’re all different, and it always interests me as to what get's people going.

I guess I’m one of those lucky ones…I don’t have to dig too deep to get motivated.



Sometimes, it just comes from something as simple as seeing another runner out on their own as I’m driving by, I get a buzz from seeing others just getting it done.

Ultimately, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m motivated by lots of little things instead of one single factor, which I think works for me, especially in ultra-running. Being able to use the little things to get to the end goal - whether that be a 100-mile-race or a tough training week. Using small positives to keep focused and to achieve what I set out to do!

I’m fortunate enough to have constant support and encouragement from my partner, and this allows me to set the bar high and keep training hard whilst juggling work and family life. I get a lot of motivation from writing a plan in my diary, then sticking to it regardless. Even if I end up on a solo night run in the pouring rain!

Hitting that mileage goal or completing that weekly elevation target, THAT motivates me - training with intent. 

Finding that momentum for me is the key once the cogs start turning and I’m ticking off the little goals in the diary. The training becomes easier and thankfully results have started to come. Hard work does pay off!



I recently joined my local running club. Something I never really saw myself doing, but I’ve now become a regular and have made some great friends in the process.

Running was always something that I did on my own before, but speaking to like-minded runners of all abilities at the club has made me realise that we are motivating each other - whether it be cheering someone on through a tough interval session or a supportive comment or 'pat-on-the-back' from a recent race achievement...as a group, the motivation then just comes naturally. 

I love this inclusive ethos that the running club brings. No egos. Just a like-minded bunch out there enjoying themselves.

For a sport that requires as little as a pair of trainers, it's incredible that it ultimately makes me a better person. More positive, more inspired, maybe one day even inspiring!

I think we can all benefit from getting outside and going for a little jog every once in a while. It does it for me!